• B-BBEE Level 2 Change Management Consulting Company

    B-BBEE Level 2
    Change Management Consulting Company

  • Aligning Enterprise Architecture With Strategic Objectives

    Aligning Enterprise Architecture
    With Strategic Objectives

  • Highly Qualified Associates and Consultants

    Highly Qualified
    Associates and Consultants

  • Utilising the Latest in Effective Strategic Methodologies

    Utilising the Latest in
    Effective Strategic Methodologies

Our Mission

To supply a one stop consulting service to companies and institutions to enable them, not only to position themselves strategically appropriately in the market place, but to also ensure that their enterprise architecture is aligned with their strategic plan and that all their business facets are being applied optimally as per the balanced scorecard.


Primo Consulting is a B-BBEE Level 2 company that was established by its founder in 1998.

The team has vast corporate and management experience - the MD having had 29 years of corporate experience, the last 15 years of which was as head of HR on one of AA PLC’s biggest mines, employing some 60 000 employees. It was during this period as HR manager that he managed to turnaround the mine’s medical scheme of some 30 000 members.

In addition, he managed (on a contract basis) a broiler operation, as well as a solar company. The team’s consulting experience covers wholesale, retail, and manufacturing sectors. In addition, we have facilitated strategic plans of Chambers of Commerce of both Klerksdorp and Potchefstroom, schools and a faculty of a university.

Our team consists of a MD who is a HR and Lean Six Sigma practitioner, a Strategic Facilitator, a CA and an Associate who is a member of the IIBA, and who also conducts IIBA endorsed courses on business analysis and workshop facilitation.

What We Offer

• Strategy Facilitation

• Enterprise Architecture (Analysis and Facilitation)

• Balanced Scorecard Facet Analysis and Facilitation i.e.

  • Financial analysis and advice
  • Client / customer needs satisfaction as well as determining of future needs
  • Succession planning and training and development
  • Business Process analysis and optimisation
  • Cultural change management

Note: In addition to the above, we offer:

  • the services of a world-renowned scenario planner, to sketch the most plausible future scenarios for South Africa, prior to us facilitating a strategic plan, and secondly
  • the services of the centre for informatics of a well established institution, for research into big data, data mining and AI.

Competitive Edge

We practise Lean Six Sigma management practices and techniques, which are scientifically proven and tested.

In addition, use is made of business process mapping and modelling, ideally for process owners to graphically see the AS-IS situation, as well as the TO-BE (ideal) situation, with process re-engineering/optimisation.

We require top management to set the scene by either setting out the future strategy, and/or updating it, and by aligning the architecture of the company, prior to embarking on any company optimisation initiatives involving the lower echelons of staff.

The company has a B-BBEE Level 2 grading.



Primo Consulting’s methodology is to ensure that a strategic plan is in place and current, and that the architecture is aligned to the strategic objectives of the company so that the company’s ‘health’ can be assessed on the balanced scorecard basis. Thereafter, use is made of the scientific methodology of Six Sigma and business analysis, to sketch the AS-IS (the present situation) of the core processes.

Working alongside the various levels of management, using the scientific methodology of Lean Six Sigma, namely, DMIAC, as well as business analysis and business process mapping and modelling techniques, Primo Consulting would then identify and analyse opportunities for improvement, constructing a compelling business case for improvement, and establishing a baseline from which to measure improvements, in conjunction with management.

Working with subject matter experts and management teams, processes are redesigned and improvements are made to those areas where the biggest improvements are required, and which will impact on the strategic objectives of the company.

Our consultants facilitate all of the above within the framework of a change management programme. Its aims are threefold - to internalise redesigned processes, to obtain buy-in from all stakeholders, and to enable management teams to make use of the tools and methodologies in future.

The team

Our team consists of experts in their fields who are equipped to solve a wide range of challenges within each unique enterprise.

Nankie de wit

(B. Comm. Diplomas in Business Management and IR; and a Certificate in Lean Six Sigma Black Belt – USA)

Managing Director/Consultant

Nankie actively specialises in business process optimisation and management. He holds a B.Comm degree from the University of Stellenbosch, a diploma in Management from UNISA, a certificate in Business Process Mapping and Modeling (IIBA accredited), and a Certificate of Achievement in Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, from the University of Villanova, in the USA.

From an initial focus on Human Resources/Labour Relations, he directed the focus of his company in the late 1990s to that of business process optimisation.

In line with his belief 'to produce to the delight of the customer', he handpicked consultants who have 'cut the ice' operationally, and who, thereafter, built up highly successful practices.

Nankie has acquired a wealth of experience in corporate, human resources, and line management, and has successfully completed assignments in health care, meat processing, manufacturing, and retail.


Dr Raphulu

Obtained his PhD from Wits University and his MBA from UNISA


Dr MC Raphulu holds a PhD from Wits University and MBA from School of Business Leadership (UNISA).

Over the years, Dr Raphulu has worked on various projects involving Strategy Analysis, Strategy Formulation and Implementation, Strategy Session Facilitation, Internal Analysis, Organisational Restructuring; Process analysis and process design among others.

The industries he served include Mining and Geology, Civil Engineering, and Sanitation. Dr Raphulu has also worked on two projects involving strategy formulation and facilitation for two Government agencies.

His passion lies in Strategy (analysis, formulation and implementation), Innovation and Technology Management. In addition to actual Management Consulting, Dr Raphulu is also involved with UNISA Department of Business Management as Programme Advisory Committee Member.

Winton Myers

(BA Hons. Master of Business Leadership – UNISA; Certified in Production and Inventory Management – CPIM)

Senior Viewpoint Consultant

Winton specialises in business analysis, business process redesign, quality management, and requirements management. He has gained extensive experience in training and consulting, in a variety of service, manufacturing, telecommunications, logistics, and government organisations, and has successfully completed several international consulting assignments

He is a graduate from the University of the Witwatersrand, is also certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) by APICS, The Association for Operations Management, and is an APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP).

He is a member of the IIBA, and has developed IIBA endorsed courses on Business Analysis and Workshop Facilitation.

Winton is also the author of the chapter on Total Quality Management in the book edited by Wilhelm Nel, Management for Engineers, Technologists and Scientists, Second edition, Juta & Co. Ltd, 2005.

Raadt Rademeyer

(B.Comm Hons – CTA and practicing auditor – CA)

Registered, practising auditor (CA), and B-BBEE verification agent

Raadt holds a B.Comm Hons (CTA) from North West University, and completed his articles with Price Waterhouse Cooper (PWC).

His company, GNR Auditors, is one of only 29 auditing companies that are currently registered through IRBA to perform B-BBEE certification, and to issue certificates.

His financial and auditing background, together with his B-BBEE knowledge, stands him in good stead to assess companies' financial performance, to optimise it, and to enhance their B-BBEE status.


  • Scenario planning
  • Strategy facilitation
  • Enterprise architecture (analysis and design)
  • Business process analysis
  • Business process redesign
  • Business process optimisation
  • Lean production and service delivery
  • Establishing ‘lean’ production and service delivery as a company culture
  • Programmed change management
  • Mentoring
  • Facilitation


  • Q: What is enterprise architecture and how does it work?

  • A: It is a process framework through which a company's strategy is 'distilled'. In short, the goals set out in the strategy are 'distilled' for operational application.

  • Q: What is a process?

  • A: A business activity that transforms input (data) into outputs.

  • Q: What does business process management entail?

  • A: The definition, improvement and management of the firm's end-to-end enterprise business processes.

  • Q: What is FAST (Fast Analysis Technique)?

  • A: A breakthrough approach that focusses a group's attention on a single process for a one or two day meeting, to define how the group can improve the process over the next 90 days.

  • Q: Process benchmarking?

  • A: A systematic way to identify, understand and creatively evolve superior products, services, and practices, to improve the organisation's real performance, by studying how other organisations are performing the same, or similar operations?

  • Q: Process redesign?

  • A: Focuses the efforts of the Process Improvement Team (PIT) on refining the present process. Process redesign is normally applied to processes that are working fairly well.

  • Q: Process re-engineering (new process design or process innovation)?

  • A: This process takes a fresh look at the objectives of the process, and completely ignores the present process and organisational structure. It is starting with a blank sheet of paper.

  • Q: Lean production?

  • A: To make high quality products at the lowest cost, with speed and agility (Revelle et al (2002-169).

  • Q: Six Sigma?

  • A: A comprehensive and flexible system of achieving, sustaining and maximising business success (Slack et al (2006-434).

  • Q: Which types of B-BBEE?

  • A: Exempted Micro Enterprise (EME) for turnover less than 5 million. Qualifying small enterprise (QSE) for turnover between 5 and 35 million. Generic Enterprise for turnover over 35 million.



“The Wesvaal Chamber of Business has unique challenges, as it was 198 years old, and needed to be relevant. Our organisation was forever changed and reinvented. Thanks for your input.” – Lee-Anne Murphy, CEO

“There is nothing more daunting than when you realise that your company is not functioning as it should – and that your bottom line is affected as a result of the dysfunctionality. Your input and advice to SunFarming has changed our enterprise.” – SunFarming Board

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